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Русская церковь в г. Бурлингейм, штат Калифорния
Church of all Russian Saints
744 El Camino Real,
Burlingame, CA 94010-5005

(North of San Mateo Bridge,
from Highway 101)
take Broadway exit and
go West until El Camino Real
and then turn left (South)

Priest: Father Stefan Pavlenko
(650) 344-4355
Church hall (650) 348-9688
Church room (650) 343-7935

Внутри в церкви
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Church interior

Photo by Igor Karpenko

Икона «Лествица»
Rare and unusual icon "The Ladder"
graphically represents the very base of Orthodoxy - the achievement of our sanctity or godliness.

Only the Lord God is sinless, and the natural state of a man is also sinlessness. But, the sin has entered our nature, poisoned it and corrupted it. Every sin is a destructive behavior and it always brings many difficulties, traumas and problems to the society, people and the sinner himself. Virtue, on the other hand, is a constructive behavior. The exclusion of sin from our life leads to peace, serenity, love, calmness and in general to a more fruitful life. This is why, our task for our whole life is - to not sin by action, word or thought, live according to the Commandments of the God's Law, expel from ourselves sinful habits, develop in ourselves good qualities and in this way gradually approach, in our qualities, the Lord God and our natural state and inherit eternal life.

Отец Стефан Павленко
Father Protoierei Stefan Pavlenko
Priest of the Church of all Russian Saints

Тел.: (650) 344-4355

First Deputy President of Diocese Committee in San Francisco and West-American Diocese

President of the Board of Governors of the St. John of Kronshtadt Hospital

Director of the Church-Parish School (Gimnasia)

Graduate of Holy Trinity Seminary
in Jordanville, NY


Photo by Igor Karpenko

Обед «под церковью»
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Dinner "under the church".
Преображение Господне,
Sunday, August 19, 2001
The Sisterhood is serving the dinner after the Liturgy in the hall under the church.
Because of a large crowd, it was necessary to put several tables outside, in the yard.

On the photo the men and the lady in the hat
are "old emigrants", and all the rest,
are recent arrivals from Russia with various visas.

Photo by Sergey Fedotov

Годовое Общее приходское Собрание
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Yearly General parish Meeting
in the hall under the church
Sunday, April 21, 2003

The meeting has ended. A small group is exchanging their impressions.

Photo by Dimitry Guss

Литература на наших эл. стр.
Learn Russian Alphabet in Two Hours (SE-3)
Schedule of Divine Services
Краткое описание структуры прихода (ДД-50)
Доклад: 50 лет истории прихода (Братья Красовские) (ДД-50.3р)
Торжество 50-летия прихода (А. Васильев) (ДД-50.2р)
Слово в неделю Всех святых в земле Российской просиявших.
(Святитель Иоанн, Сан-Францисский и Шанхайский) (ДД-49р)

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Храм всех Святых в Земле Российской просиявших (АНМ)
г.Бурлингейм, штат Калифорния
Church of all Russian Saints (ANM),
744 El Camino Real, Burlingame, California 94010-5005
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